Relocation Services to China

Moving to China

Choose UniGroup for Low-Stress Moving to China

Moving to China can be challenging, with a variety of cultural, linguistic, and political considerations to be aware of. But as more businesses continue to seek ways to expand into the Chinese market, there’s an increasing likelihood that you may be looking at the possibility of a move to China. And if you are considering moving to China, you’ll want to consider using UniGroup Worldwide to help guide your move from the initial planning stages through move completion.

UniGroup Worldwide knows that moving internationally is about so much more than shuttling your belongings from Point A to Point b. That is why our international relocation experts have the experience and knowledge to help you with everything from finding schools and a residence to navigating immigration laws to settling you and your family into your new home after moving to China.

We offer a variety of global moving services, including:

  • Assistance with immigration needs
  • Training and awareness of cultural and language issues
  • School assistance
  • Cost projection
  • Candidate & pre-hire assistance
  • Home-finding solutions
  • Identifying temporary accommodations
  • Pet relocation
  • Partner & spouse support
  • Global property protection
  • Settle-in services

And much more! If moving to China is in your future, then a call to UniGroup Worldwide should be as well.