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UniGroup Worldwide Moving is part of one of the largest transportation enterprises in the world and is comprised of a network of global movers located all over the world. We have over 60 years of international move experience and move thousands of customers internationally each year to countries all over the world. You can rely on our international movers to handle every aspect of your move, including packing, transport, customs clearance and more!

Why Choose Our International Movers?

Below are just a few of our international moving services and offerings:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Pre-Move Consultation
  • Personal Move Manager
  • Move Protection
  • Customs Clearance Management
  • Quality Service
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Transportation
  • Settling-In Services (cleaning, etc.)

Our International Moving & Relocation Process

Moving with our network of international movers means taking the guesswork out of your move. We understand and guide customers through the complexities and nuances of moving to another country. We also strive to simplify the moving experience for our customers and make our customers feel at ease.

international movers process

1. Your Pre-Move Consultation

You can rely on our worldwide movers and support teams to make your move as seamless as possible and it all starts with your pre-move consultation.

During your pre-move consultation, an estimator will survey your belongings in order to provide you with a quote. During your survey, you will show your estimator (either in-person or by video chat using our app) all of the items that you would like us to move. This will help your estimator to calculate a price for your move.

international movers process

2. Your Personal Move Manager

Once you partner with UniGroup Worldwide, you will be assigned a personal move manager who will help you through the entire moving process, from beginning to end by:

  • Helping you to select a move date
  • Helping you to understand checking into your host country
  • Helping you to understand packing requirements
  • Providing country-specific information to acquaint you with your destination country
  • Reviewing customs regulations and documentation required for customs clearance
  • Explaining and helping you select your move coverage options
  • Coordinating transportation, including port of exit/entry handling, customs clearance and delivery
  • Helping to schedule any settling-in service you may need, such as cleaning, etc.

international moving protection

3. Understanding Move Protection

Moving internationally is a complex process in which your belongings will travel thousands of miles by truck, railroad, ship and/or plane before reaching your destination. In the unexpected instance of lost or damaged goods, we offer two optional protection plans to help cover repair and replacement costs.

Itemized Value Inventory
With this option, you provide a complete list of the items to be shipped and their estimated replacement value at destination. The Covered compensation is based on the total declared value of your listed belongings.

Weight Multiplier
For most customers, UniGroup Worldwide recommends the Weight Multiplier option with a multiplier of $15 U.S. per pound or more. Under this option, UniGroup Worldwide Moving will assume the responsibility for the repair or replacement of items in the event of any covered damage or loss up to the selected per pound muliplier.

High-Value Inventory
Any items valued at $1,500 or greater must be listed on the high-value inventory to alert the moving crew to provide additional packing or crating for added protection. Those high-value items will be factored in to the protection option price. Be sure to understand all of the applicable terms and conditions of whichever option you choose for your global relocation.

international moving and packing

4. Understanding Packing and Unpacking

In an effort to avoid delays or complications with potential physical inspection during customs clearance, it is highly recommended that you allow our network of international movers to pack and load.

On your packing day, your crew supervisor will review the details of your move before work begins to ensure that the services provided are consistent with those discussed during your pre-move consultation.

Your Inventory
As your items are wrapped, packed and loaded, a detailed inventory list will be created, describing each item and its condition at loading. The inventory list will be used to clear your belongings through customs. You can also use this inventory list at your destination to ensure that all of your items have arrived.

“Do Not Pack” Items
Be sure to clearly define for the movers which items should be packed and loaded and which items should be left behind. You may need medications, clothing, electronics, documents and personal care items during your trip. Make sure to set aside and indicate any items that you do not wish to be packed and transported.

Before your packers arrive, be sure that all appliances have been cleaned, disconnected and prepared for transport. Some appliances, like washers, dryers and refrigerators, may require special services for move preparation. Your move manager can help arrange those services.

Protecting Your Belongings
Furniture will be wrapped in paper pads prior to loading.

international moving transportation

5. Transportation

Belongings in a typical international move may be shipped via land, sea, air or a combination of those methods. The method for transportation of your belongings will be determined by your destination, time frame and budget. Your UniGroup Worldwide move manager will develop a transportation plan tailored to your specific needs.

Moving Your Belongings Internationally by Rail/Road
Your belongings will be loaded into a shipping container prior to moving from your origin area. Your containerized belongings are moved from our warehouse and transported by land or rail to the port drayage. Containers ideally remain sealed throughout the transport period, unless a visual inspection is required by a customs agent.

Moving Your Belongings Internationally by Air
In most cases, your belongings may arrive quicker if transported by air than if they are sent by ocean. When considering items for air transport, give thought to things that you will need immediately, such as clothing, toiletries, essential light housekeeping items, pots, pans, unbreakable dishes, sheets, blankets, etc. Air transportation is not meant to include large household items, such as furniture, mattresses, major appliances or room-sized rugs which will not fit easily into the cargo hold of an aircraft.

Moving Your Belongings by Sea
Belongings transported by ocean typically have a longer transit time than those moved by air. Ocean containers can accommodate larger, bulkier household goods items such as furniture, mattresses and major appliances.

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