We are here for you.

As a COVID-19 essential service, we are open for business and have created a plan to continue to provide safe and efficient moving services to our customers.

Whether you are looking for information about how to schedule a move, your current move or the measures we are taking in response, you can find answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions by clicking below.

I’m thinking about moving.

Is UniGroup Worldwide operating during COVID-19?


UniGroup Worldwide is open for business and working closely with our crews and van operators to continue to conduct business as usual while adhering to new safety protocols and guidelines as directed by our governmental and public health agencies. We understand that even during these unprecedented times, many people still need to move and need help to do it. We take our role as essential service providers very seriously. That’s why we haven’t stopped providing the same level of commitment and professionalism to moving services that we’re known for — and we will continue to move forward, as long as it’s considered safe to do so.

I’m in the process of planning my move with UniGroup Worldwide.

Does someone have to come into my home for me to receive a moving quote?


During these times, we understand people who are moving want to protect their families by limiting the number of people to which they are exposed. Our Virtual Survey tool can curb this exposure by helping customers get their moving quotes faster and easier and without in-person contact. It’s all done remotely, using your smartphone.

Can I cancel/reschedule my move?


Since so many things are uncertain, we are trying to make this easy. You may cancel the move if needed and just pay for any services already provided (such as packing or storage.) If no services have yet been provided, there is no cost or penalty. If you need to reschedule your move, just check with your agent about availability and price.

My move is scheduled in a few days, and I’m not feeling well. What should I do?

First and foremost, you should do what makes you most comfortable. Your move coordinator will be in contact with you prior to your move, and together you will run through the extra safety precautions we have put into place. It’s possible to delay the start of your move, but you should check with your mover to see what dates are available and to get details related to any changes. If you are not considered at risk, you may want to proceed. We ask in this situation that you alert your move coordinator if you are not feeling well.

*If public health officials mandate quarantine, moving services should be rescheduled. If you have imposed a self-quarantine due to your concerns, please discuss this with your move coordinator or sales representative to determine the need for rescheduling.

I’ve planned my move with UniGroup Worldwide.

What precautions are your movers taking to help prevent the spread of the virus?

UniGroup Worldwide has educated our moving network regarding Coronavirus and created a plan for a safe moving experience that includes the following:

  • Greeting customers with a smile, not a handshake
  • Using disinfectant wipes on high touch moving equipment such as two-wheelers, appliance dollies, four-wheelers, cargo bars and other high touch items
  • Practicing social distancing (6 feet) from customers and others as much s possible
  • Disinfecting all high touch items and areas (with customer’s permission and prior to starting the job)
  • Limiting restroom use to one restroom in the house
  • Wearing masks in parts of the country where it makes sense
  • Practicing CDC recommended hand-washing techniques
  • Wearing disposable gloves (in lieu of washing hands)
  • Regularly wiping down personal items and hard surfaces in the cabs of moving trucks and in trailers or cargo areas (door handles, knobs, mirrors, steering wheel, gear shift, ELD, tablets, cellphones, seatbelt, etc.)
  • Repeating the entire disinfectant process at the end of the job

*These Guidelines represent recommendations based on current CDC Guidelines and are subject to change based on our evolving understanding of COVID-19; the availability of equipment; the personal preferences of each customer; and other federal, state and local regulations that may be issued from time to time. Please direct any questions or concerns to your move coordinator.

What precautions is UniGroup Worldwide taking to protect its workers?

The health and safety of our customers, drivers and front-line personnel is our highest priority. We can assure you UniGroup Worldwide is taking extra precautions and has provided resources to personnel regarding Coronavirus, which includes the following:

  • Mandating virtual surveys in 13 states and are encouraging it in all states
  • Pre-screening of customers by asking a series of additional questions over the phone
  • Based upon information provided by the CDC, these questions are related to travel, contact with or exposure to any persons diagnosed with Coronavirus, and/or symptoms consistent with Coronavirus.
  • Monitoring guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO)
  • This guidance includes immediately sending home workers who have acute respiratory illness and/or who have been exposed to the virus, quarantining workers who have tested positive for the virus and taking additional personal hygiene, personal protection and surface cleaning steps. The guidance also provides planning considerations if there are more widespread community outbreaks of COVID-19.
  • Developing, updating and publishing FAQs for agents and van operators repeatedly as new information is available
  • Practicing the CDC issued guidance for Business and Employers

What precautions should I take during my move?

UniGroup Worldwide asks that you follow basic protocol related to social distancing, hygiene and disinfecting practices. This includes the following:

  • Refraining from any physical participation in the move
  • Maintaining a 6-foot distance from movers and drivers as they work
  • Requesting that movers wash their hands before participating in your move
  • Disinfecting furniture and high-touch surfaces before your movers arrive
  • Disposing of all packing materials once the move is complete

What if I suspect that a member of my moving team is ill when they arrive for my move?

If you believe someone on your team is exhibiting symptoms, please contact your move coordinator right away. Please do not attempt to assess for yourself whether a person has or is at risk of having Coronavirus. Simply pause the move, ask your team to wait outside, and call your move coordinator or our Customer Care Team at 800-948-4885. We will work with you to determine the appropriate next steps, such as proceeding, rescheduling or canceling the move.

I’ve moved with UniGroup Worldwide.

What will you do if it’s discovered that a worker or customer has been diagnosed with COVID-19?

If a worker or customer indicates they have been positively diagnosed, UniGroup Worldwide has a process to analyze all potentially affected shipments, personnel and customers, quarantine shipments as necessary, and notify affected individuals. UniGroup Worldwide will also cooperate with any government agency that requests information relating to the exposure.


If you have unanswered COVID-19 questions about a scheduled move, please call 888-705-3350 to listen to a recorded message. Final note: At the heart of every move are people: customers, agents, van operators and personnel. While the health and safety of all of those involved are always our highest priority, it is especially important during this time. We’re all in this together, and UniGroup Worldwide is committed to moving you safely.