Importing Liquor

You may import wines and other alcoholic beverages into the United States as part of your household goods shipment—pursuant to the laws of your state of residence.
Alcoholic beverages included in your household goods shipment are subject to duty and tax.

However, with few exceptions, alcoholic beverages may not be mailed—they will be seized if imported through the mail.

Many states require a permit or receipt that must be presented to U.S. Customs officials upon importing alcoholic beverages. If a permit is required, you will need to secure it prior to your departure so you can have it ready to present to U.S. Customs officials.

To expedite this process, write to your state's alcohol control board for information on how to petition for a permit. This should be done about 60 days prior to your move since the actual petition should be made at least 30 days before your shipment's departure.

It is important that you determine your destination state's law on importing alcohol before you relocate. There may be restrictions or special taxes on imported liquor. You may require a permit from your destination state’s alcohol control board.

Prior to departing for the States, compile an inventory of all alcoholic beverages you plan to import. This list should include the brand name, number of bottles, volume per bottle, alcoholic content, and price for each item.

You can find additional information on the personal importation of alcoholic beverages on the
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms website.

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