Declaring Items

Your UniGroup Worldwide move manager will encourage you to complete your Customs declaration forms in advance of departure. The forms require you to list items in your shipment, their value, and whether they were purchased within the preceding year.

If you send signed, completed forms to your UniGroup representative prior to your departure, he or she will begin arrangements for your customs clearance prior to the shipment’s arrival in the U.S. Completing a power of attorney form will allow UniGroup to act on your behalf in moving your goods through customs.

Forms are available at the following locations:

Before clearing customs, unclaimed personal effects are placed in a warehouse as temporary storage and subject to a storage fee. This is referred to as “storage in transit” (SIT). After a certain number of days, your carrier's order for service ceases, and the warehouse assumes responsibility for the shipment under a new contract. Your shipment is now considered in "permanent storage." If you leave your shipment unclaimed for a year, your items are sold at auction.

Items can be sent as an in-bond shipment (one awaiting customs clearance) from the first port of arrival to another customs port that is more convenient for you. Arrangements for this should be made before the items leave for the States. Goods also may be sent to a bonded warehouse for temporary storage. Duties and processing fees are to be paid after items are removed from storage.

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