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Whether you are a returning citizen or a resident of another country, your household goods must be cleared by U.S. Customs when you move to the United States.

UniGroup Worldwide will provide you with the appropriate forms and offer you guidance on completing the documentation. Please confirm special power of attorney to UniGroup Worldwide to provide customs clearance on your behalf so that you do not have to be present. This can give you more time to focus on your job and make arrangements for your home. Customs clearance will be performed by our own operated customs broker.

The following guide summarizes the major regulations placed on the importation of household goods. Understanding the requirements and restrictions will help you prepare your shipment accordingly.

Know before You Go

When it comes time to pack, planning appropriately and making informed choices on what you import will help streamline the customs process. The U.S. has restrictions on the importation of many items, such as weapons, alcohol, automobiles, plants, pets and others.

In addition, the U.S. government has placed strict limitations on the importation of items such as reptile skins, ivory, fur, coral and other endangered species. The importation of some items may be banned outright.

To assist you in learning more about U.S. customs policies and procedures, this guide includes contact information to the federal agencies that regulate the importation of goods. Many offer information and forms online, as well as printed brochures that are available free of charge.

On behalf of UniGroup Worldwide, "Welcome to the United States!"

Notice and Acknowledgment

Every effort has been made to ensure the customs information in this site is up-to-date. However, due to constantly changing conditions, all information is subject to change at any time and without notice. UniGroup Worldwide cannot guarantee or assume responsibility for changes in U.S. clearance requirements. Therefore, it is advisable to contact the Customs Service or the nearest U.S. consulate or embassy for the most current information.

UniGroup Worldwide appreciates the guidance of the U.S. Customs Service in the development and updating of this information.

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