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Units 2612-16, Level 26, Tower 1, Metroplaza
223 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung, NT, HONG KONG
hongkong@unigroupworldwide.com - t: +852 2418 4333

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With a population of more than seven million people in 1,104 square kilometers, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated areas of the world. It routinely ranks in the top 10 in the most expensive place to live, most expensive office rents and most millionaires per capita.

Because Hong Kong is so densely populated, it is home to over 2,500 regional offices. Most of these regional offices are in the financial services, hospitality and service industry. Governed under the policy of “One Country, Two Systems,” Hong Kong operates under the tenets of the Basic Law under the authority of the People’s Republic of China.

Through UniGroup’s global network, our Hong Kong office can assist you with local and international relocation services anywhere in the world. We also specialize in office moving and logistics services. Our team of experts can provide a global relocation or logistics solution that is custom designed to meet your company’s specific needs.
Contact us at HongKong@unigroupworldwide.com for more information about our wide variety of transportation services.

Other UniGroup offices in the Asia Pacific region include:
Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing,  Singapore, Malaysia.

Our team of experts located in Hong Kong has the experience and local knowledge necessary to provide quality relocation and logistics services to our clients. Most members of our staff are fluent in multiple languages, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Tagalog, Malay, and Spanish.



Joseph Lai
General Manager
t: +852 2418 4344
m: +852 9731 1072



Derek Ma
Manager - Business Services
t: +852 2418 4310
m: +852 9313 2113





UniGroup Worldwide Hong Kong is FIDI/FAIM certified and ISO 9001:2008.

UniGroup guarantees uniform service through our exclusive global Service Level Agreement (SLA) binding affiliated and non-affiliated service centers to our high service expectations throughout the world.

Certified UniGroup technology experts maintain our computing proprietary operating systems. These systems are designed to assist UniGroup move managers in matching service requirements with your service needs and budget constraints.

UniGroup Hong Kong works in tandem with the UniGroup company’s freight forwarding system and provides cost effective and efficient service for both import and export moves via this international move management system.

With Hong Kong being a free trade port, customs clearance into Hong Kong is very simple.

Customer requirements for customs clearance of a shipment include:

  • Photocopy of customer's Passport picture page
  • Authorization letter allowing UniGroup Worldwide to clear the shipment on behalf of the customer

Dutiable items include:
(A certain limit are duty free)

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacoo
  • Perfume

Restricted items include:

  • Feathers
  • Furs
  • Skins
  • Tusks
  • Ivory
  • Certain agriculture products

Prohibited items entail:

  • Narcotic drugs/medications (only hand carry with doctor certificate)
  • Plants, trees, vegetables (a Phytosanitary Certificate and Import License is required)
  • Uncooked meat/poultry
  • Pornographic or politically subversive material
  • Weapons ammunition, fireworks, explosives and clasp-knives are subject to import license and police control

For a complete list of customs regulations, please contact our staff at HongKong@unigroupworldwide.com.

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New Zealand
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Russian Federation
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